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The 'hal' key with red background will make half-forms of 'Nāgarī' consonants.
So to type 'प्य' first type 'प' then type '्' (hal) and then 'य'.

You may want to learn more on 'Typing Nāgarī Character Sequences'.

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Hinđī: हिन्दी

A Popular Language

Hinđī is a major language spoken mainly in India. It is probably the third most spoken language after Mandarin (Chinese) and English worldwide! >>

Chinese Mandarin has more native speakers than English. But English is the de-facto international language.

If we include the number of people who speak languages very similar to Hinđī (like Urđū), the total (650+ million) will be more than the number of native English speakers. Hinđī is the third most spoken language followed closely by Spanish.

It's Just A Language  >>

- the word 'Hinđī' (हिन्दी, hindee) represents a language;
- while the word 'Hinđū' (हिन्दू, hindoo) refers to a religion.

The words 'Hinđī' & 'Hinđū' are very loosely related! >>

Sanskṛiŧ (संस्कृत) is the language more closely related with Hinđūism.

In Hinđī, the word Hinđū (हिन्दू) means the name of the religion as well as things related-to (and followers-of) the religion.

In English, the word 'Hinđūism' means the 'Hinđū' religion; while the word Hinđū refers to the followers of the religion and all the things related to it.

The Script of Hinđī  >>

'ĐevaNāgarī' or just 'Nāgarī' is the name of the script (लिपि) that is used to write 'Hinđī', 'Marāthī', 'Sanskṛiŧ', 'Nepālī' and all the dialects of Hinđī. 'Nāgarī' as used in 'Hinđī' is the easiest script that can represent most of the regular pronunciations.

Hinđī and Bhāraŧ

Hinđī is the official-language (rāj-bhāṣhā) of Bhāraŧ (India). हिन्दी भारत की राजभाषा है।

Why every Indian should try to learn basic Hinđī at least for a month or so?

True patriots like 'Subhāsh-chanđra Bose' and fearless saints like 'Đayānanđ Sarasvaŧī' advocated the use of Hinđī for national integration.

Lots of influencial Indians secretely dislike Hinđī lovers! They don't even like the role of Hinđī as the link language in India!

White-collar Jihadis, non-violent Crusaders, Communists and Maoists work together to divide India on various issues like language, caste, religion, socio-economic status, and what not.