Fighting Flu (Common Cold) By Resting

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When you realise that you are about to catch cold (flu), consult a doctor. You cannot be sure of type of virus causing symptoms simillar to common cold!


You don't have to follow all the following advices as you may not be having all the materials with you.

What TO DO:

  1. REST MORE THAN USUAL, that helps your body utilize conserved energy fighting cold.
  2. GENTLY BLOW YOUR CHOCKED NOSTRIL by blocking the other one.
  3. DRINK cup-ful of WARM WATER or fluids manytimes (total not less than 6-7 glasses or 1.75 liters everyday for adults; which helps mucous/discharge flow).
  4. Wear scarf etc. to cover head and neck.
  5. Drink 1/2 cup light green tea or kāḍā (kaaDdaa) 4-5 times (Boil water with peaces of garlic, ginger and clove, dip a green tea-bag and keep it in thermos flask).
  6. You can use warm green tea/kāḍā to gargle if you have sore throat.
  7. Rest in a slightly ventilated (but not cold) area/room.
  8. Inhale fumes of turmeric powder (called đhūnī in India).
  9. Inhale/smell oils like eucalyptus (nīlgirī), or vinegar.
  10. Inhale steam coming from boiling water.
  11. Rub a little balm on forehead, throat, nose, chest etc.
  12. While lying on bed keep the congested nostril up by turning either on left or right.
  13. Little bit of light exercise (yoga), only if you are not tired or warm; just to help proper blood circulation.


  1. Blowing nose hard (will cause ear-ache).
  2. Sleeping or lying under direct and cold air stream (from Air-coolers, fans etc.).
  3. Excessive labor/exertion/tension.
  4. Cold shower.
  5. Letting your hair (& body) remain wet after taking showers.
  6. Exposure to excessive heat (dehydration).


  1. Smoking,
  2. Drinking alcohol,
  3. Eating too much greasy/oily food,
  4. Going to office, school or crowded places,
  5. sharing cups (balm bottles!), utensils.

There are some electric steam inhalers available. Choose one which is less powerful as you can face it for longer!

You may like to use (electric) heaters if the room temperature is below 23°C (degree celcius). Do not use heaters (or stoves) that generate CO2.

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