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Hinđī Rhymes

Following are some common Hinđī rhymes (बाल-गीत) recorded using an inexpensive microphone.
You may like these poems (bāl-geeŧ).
[No music, ordinary recording, MP3 format.]

Banđar māmā (बंदर मामा)
[300 KB - sung by baby Ađiŧi]

Most of the following files are about 200 KB in size.
[sung for Ađiŧi & Sameer by their mother.]

Gol gol pānī (गोल-गोल पानी)

Machhalī jal kī rānī (मछली जल की रानी)

Guḍiyā merī rānī (गुड़िया मेरी रानी) [500 KB]

Saŧ samunđar pār (सात समुन्दर पार)

Sablū Paplū (सब्लू पप्लू) [400 KB]

The last rhyme was composed by the mother of Sablū and Paplū to teach them not to fight! Other rhymes are the popular ones.

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