Indian Names For Boys

[Hinđū, Bauđđha, Sikh, Jain, ...]

A typical Indian tries to chose a great name for his/her kid. In the process s/he generally chooses a word which has a meaning in Hinđī (or some other Indian language). People even choose verbs, adjectives etc!

We have only included/listed those words which are mostly used to represent names only!!!

We have not included -

We also tried not to include -

Dropped so many names :-( .

But don't think that these are very rare names, we have not worked hard to compile this list, yet.

Still we don't promise anything; use any of these word at your own risk ;-) .

Oh one last thing - just don't copy above rules (that we wrote after so much of trials) and following names. Instead link to this page, or recommend it to your friends, will you!

 नागरी Nīrajā-Latin

 अनिक Anik
 अश्विन Ashvin
 आशू Āshū
 ईशान Ishān, EEshān
 ऋषभ Ṛiṣhabh
 ऋतिक Ṛiŧik
 कपिल Kapil
 कुश Kush
 कृष Kṛiṣh
 खुशाल Khushāl
 चित्रांश Chitrān'sh
 जतिन Jaŧin
 तनय Ŧanay
 धीरु Đhiru
 निशांत Nishān'ŧ
 पल्लव Pallav
 भानु Bhānu
 मलय Malay
 मिलिंद Milin'đ
 मयंक Mayan'k
 रोहित Rohiŧ
 राजन Rājan
 सुजान Sujān
 हिमांशु Himān'shu

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