Unix / OS X Text to Windows

All of the electronic text files (eg. 'readme.txt') contain invisible characters called 'newline' to mark end of the paragraphs! In other words, all the files created in Unix, Linux and 'Mac OS' generally have (only) 'newline' characters at the end of every paragraph. But Windows unnecessarily require another invisible character called 'carriage return' before every 'newline' character!

So when we try to open files created in Unix/Linus/'OS X' in Windows, we see only one paragraph containing text of all the paragraphs. Even other formatted blocks like tables, program codes etc. looks unformatted.

This web page will just add a carriage-return character before every newline character.

Paste your text:

Here modified (corrected!) text will appear:

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In the 'Internet Options' dialog box, select 'Advanced' tab and then check 'Allow active content to run in files on My Computer'.