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English Alphabet, their pronunciation in Nāgarī and corresponding Nīrajā-Latin transliteration

 Alphabet Pron. (Nāgarī) Nīrajā-Latin 

 Aए (Not अ)E (Not A)
 EI (or EE but not E)
 wडब्लु / डबल-युDablu / Dabal-Yu

Capital 'W' is written as two 'V's combined with each other, while pronounced as Double 'U'!

O God! thanks for the 'O'.

Remembering spellings (and correct pronunciations) of so many English words is a serious drag (for forenas;- foreigners) but the widespread use of English and its rich vocabulary somewhat compensate that. Starting to learn Hinđī is demanding but afterwards its sooo easy. Learn Hinđī, the third most spoken language worldwide.

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