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List of Software & Resources
for Beginners in IT, CS, Computer Applications

Graphics (Basic)

  • Paint / PaintBrush (Introduction - At least 5 hrs)
    You should be able to draw a Bezier curve and create a simple and rough 3D object (like a hut)
  • GIMP (Introduction - At least 20 hrs)
  • Use PhotoRoom.com

Web Designing (Basic)

  • HTML (Fundamentals - At least 30 hrs)
  • CSS (At least 10 hrs)
  • JavaScript (Introduction - At least 20 hrs)

Programming Languages (Basic)

  • BASIC (FreeBASIC; Introduction - At least 15 hrs)
  • C (Fundamentals; Introduction - At least 50 hrs)
  • Java (Fundamentals; Introduction - At least 50 hrs)

Web Authoring

  • Use of Content Management Systems (Any 2: Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal/...)
  • JavaScript (Mastering!)
  • Any one E-commerce platform (Independent or Add-on/Plug-in to a CMS!)

Graphics (Advance)

  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • Blender

Web Programming

  • XML
  • JQuery
  • PHP

Programming Languages (Intermediate)

  • C
  • Java
  • SQL (Fundamentals using MySQL)
  • C++

Programming IDE

  • Notepad++
  • Eclipse

Web Server

  • Apache

Database (Any one) Administration

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


  • Any one: Ruby, Python or Go
  • Introduction to Financial Book-keeping and Accounting

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